This post is a short one, since my skin care routine is actually very minimal. I've come to find 'less is more' to be true, and many products can do more harm than good – our skin doesn't need them. Our body has a wonderful, natural ability to protect itself from harmful bacteria while fostering a healthy skin biome of good bacteria. I'm also convinced that most skin problems (such as eczema) are a reflection of something that's happening on the inside – but more on that elsewhere.

I am not affiliated with any products and brands mentioned in this post – this is simply me wanting to pass on my experience with the things I've tried and loved!

Before topical steroid withdrawal

As I'm sure is true for many of you, I've tried countless products (and spent/wasted a lot of money). I was always searching for the next best thing, that miracle product to get rid of my eczema. Over time, I realised there's no such thing, there's only products that won't necessarily make it worse.

I typically showered and washed my hair in the morning, put on a face cream and maybe a little bit of make-up. At night, I would wipe the mascara if I was wearing any with a cleanser, maybe splash my face with water, and put on the same cream again. Fairly minimal already.

While trying various products, I would always come back to one or two brands which I knew wouldn't aggravate my skin. The first one is Weleda. Although I don't use any of their products anymore, this was always my safest choice. I mostly used the Almond Soothing Facial Cream and the Calendula Shampoo and Bodywash – both for washing my hair and body.

The other brand I used on and off was Madara Cosmetics, which has a slightly more luxurious feel to it but still contained only ingredients I could bear. I used this cream, make-up remover, shampoo and conditioner.  

Moving on to the more important part though, because while these are all good products, I'm not using any of them anymore!

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